Controversial Call to Ban Students

Controversial Call to Ban Students

( – Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) has said it’s “a scandal” that Chinese students are studying science and engineering subjects in the US. That’s because when they obtain their degree, many take that knowledge home to compete with the US. The Republican is now calling on President Donald Trump to take “a hard look” at visas granted for that purpose.

Cotton says the US is training Chinese nationals to compete with Americans for jobs and business. They might even design weapons that could one day be used against this country. The senator says it should be fine for students to learn about culture, history and good governance in the US. However, there’s no reason for us to teach them about science and technology.

Cotton told Fox News we need a string of laws to protect against over-reliance on China. The bills need to include incentives for drug manufacturers to shift production to US factories.

The senator is also calling for China to pay for unleashing the Wuhan coronavirus on the world.

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  1. Our education system has been invaded by socialist who were indoctrinated by their professors when the were students and are now passing this on to new students
    Why are we educating foreigners so they can go home and compete with us in manufacturing, science and business ??

  2. It isn’t just Chinese students. We need to keep Middle East countries out too. We need to take back our Education System as they are indoctrinating our children to believe Socialism is a good thing.

  3. No ifs ands or buts. Send them back before we are infiltrated with enemies within. It’s enough the democrats are our biggest enemies

  4. I agree with Sen. Cotton and for decades this country has educated hundreds and possibly thousands of foreighen nationals to become educated in every imaginable high tech area then leave here go home and whether economically, or otherwise use that knowledge against this country. It’s ok to play nice in the sandbox but ultimately we as american’s need to watch out and protect our own people and nation like the rest of the world. When something of a natural disaster takes place in the world we rush to help regardless of our own economy. We need to wake up and see that countries to whom we have shed our solders blood to afford those countries freedom from oppression tody, now hate american’s and this country. Our country was formed out of war against oppression spilling our own blood. Those that flee theirs to come here should be standing up for what they want and we should gladly support them, but they need to fight for what they want not coming here where they automatically get those freedoms that WE fought and died to obtain.

  5. Thank you to Senator Tom Cotton. Never again must we allow Globalist Presidents to sell us OUT. Communist China has been a Favorite of our US State Dept since WW11 & their Communist Students have always been on the “Preferred” List. So-Called “Students” Are here as Agents of Red China, NOT as SEEKERS OF EDUCATION. They Steal Our Expertise & China Benefits.

  6. Yes. Absolutely correct! Also a lot of outright intellectual property theft and research and development of scientific invention theft has been happening too! This needs to be stopped!

    • Is it George Soros or others who are paying to tear our systems and livelihoods to poverty levels while favoring China and other communist governments? I thought there was some control and justifications for sending tax payer money to our known enemies, but apparently those who are sending are not controlled! For our universities and Government to be funding advanced medical laboratories in China, and allowing an invasion of Chinese students into our schools is absolutely ridiculous and must stop. And those responsible need to be tried for treason in our court of law!!!

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