Controversial Meadows Goes High Profile

Controversial Meadows Goes High Profile

( – After a tenured career as a congressman, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) is moving to greener pastures. Meadows is taking a big step as he leaves behind his role as a five-term Representative. Now, he and his aides are moving to the White House as President Trump’s next chief of staff.

This move was telegraphed early February as Congressional Republicans shifted roles. After the rearrangement, Trump announced Meadows would become his next chief of staff earlier in March. Finally, the move is official and Meadows will begin his new duties soon.

Meadows battled against House Democrats for months over the Ukraine phone call situation. He’s consistently defended Trump, which hasn’t earned him any favor among Democrats. Back in 2018, Meadows was on the front lines pushing for investigations into the FBI and Justice Department into potential wrongdoings.

Meadows replaces Mick Mulvaney, who’s been acting chief of staff for just over a year. Mulvaney will become the US special envoy for Northern Ireland. In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, Trump needs to surround himself with trustworthy allies.

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