Cops Searching for a Man Believed To Be on a Weeks-Long Criminal Rampage

( – Police in Mississippi are investigating a horrific crime. Someone murdered an elderly woman and burned her corpse. Now, authorities are searching for the man they believe killed her.

On December 30, authorities in Scott County say Sammy Patrick broke into a home on Old Jackson Road in Forest. Once inside, police believe the suspect shot and killed 73-year-old Dee Eady. The elderly woman also appears to have been sexually assaulted, but an autopsy will need to confirm that. After killing her, police say the suspect lit the victim’s body on fire.

According to reports, the woman’s family found her dead, burned body after they received a cell phone alert about her security system going off. Eady was a widow and lived at home by herself. Sheriff Mike Lee said the suspect’s home wasn’t far from the victim’s. However, he said there didn’t appear to be a link between the two.

Police have been looking for Patrick since before the murder. He was accused of multiple vehicle thefts, including one that happened two days before Eady was viciously killed. The sheriff said that the car belonged to someone with the last name of the victim.

Sheriff Lee said authorities hadn’t worked out a connection between the two, but the person who owned the car was “probably some kinship to her husband,” but said he wasn’t “sure of that.” He said that he didn’t think the theft had any connection to the murder at all.

The last time Patrick was spotted was on January 1, near the Louisiana-Mississippi border. According to Woodville Police Chief Lemuel Rutledge, the suspect is accused of robbing a Subway. He allegedly pulled a gun on the employees after politely ordering his food.

Rutledge said the suspect stole a dark-colored Ford Ranger on Old Highway 21.

The Scott County Sheriff’s Office is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to Patrick’s arrest.

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