Coronavirus Scams Reach Disturbing New Levels

Coronavirus Scams Reach Disturbing New Levels

( – Every time there’s a shift in the market, it seems there’s someone plotting and scheming to take advantage of others. It’s no different with the disruptions created by the coronavirus outbreak. Sadly, there’s a new scam going around — and this one is quite disturbing, to say the least.

Fraudsters who buy up email addresses and other user account information in bulk are attempting to blackmail innocent people. They claim the victim has visited shady websites or engaged in illicit activity. Then they say they have access to the person’s webcam or computer. The scammer demands a ransom or else they’ll infect the person and their families with COVID-19.

The FBI noticed this and other scams were increasing so they put out some resources to help people avoid being exploited by criminals.

Blackmail is nothing new, but it’s being weaponized in accordance with the times. While the claims of these fraudsters are more far-fetched, it’s at least partially successful because they’re playing on very real fear. If you or someone you know has received an email like this is to report the sender and simply ignore the fraudulent message.

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  1. there are thousands of PPP frauds being committed by big and small business and others who are not in business. This needs to be investigated by the Treasury Dept. and the Attorney General, and even state AG’s offices.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if the DEEP STATE FBI TRAITORS are behind the frauds, to get money for their communist candidates. Those agents NOT involved in deep state, should be actively arresting those treasonous ones that are. Until they clean their house, I have ZERO respect for the Fraudulent Biased Insurgents once honored, as FBI, now SHAMED and have ZERO RESPECT COMING to them and their treasonous illegal activities..

  3. I’m in Canada and idiots are alive and well here too. Be nice to see them all caught and prosecuted


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