Could a COVID-19 Infection Last for Months?

Could a COVID-19 Infection Last for Months?

( – A coronavirus outbreak on the USS Theodore Roosevelt was so bad its crew had to disembark and go under quarantine. That occurred about a month ago and sailors are now resuming their duties. Most of them, that is.

A small amount of the crew who “recovered” are still experiencing COVID-like symptoms, even after a month of isolation. Those sailors aren’t being allowed back onto the ship out of caution. Additionally, there are still many confirmed cases of COVID-19 among its crew.

As of April 30, 1,102 sailors tested positive for the infection, but these numbers might be the last status update we get for a while.

This isn’t the first anomalous reporting of a COVID-19 infection. Some have been “reinfected” or had shown symptoms for longer than expected. There’s speculation the reinfections were actually not real, but instead a result of errors in testing.

The situation with the USS Theodore Roosevelt’s crew, however, does add to the mystery of exactly how long the virus lasts.

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