Court Allows Lawsuit Against Troll “Fact-Checker” to Proceed

Court Allows Lawsuit Against Troll

( – In January, The Gateway Pundit (TGP) sued Lead Stories fact-checker Dean Miller for defamation. Recently, the conservative news organization won a fight to keep the suit alive.

On August 31, the Missouri Supreme Court refused to dismiss the lawsuit. The suit revolves around a Lead Stories article in 2020 accusing TGP of lying about Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop. The fact-checker reportedly claimed TGP collaborator Yaacov Apelbaum and his firm XRVision weren’t actual technology and security experts.

TGP, its owners Jim Hoft, his brother Joe Hoft, and Apelbaum sued Miller over the article. The fact-checker filed to have the case thrown out three times and lost every single time.

The conservative website believes Miller and Lead Stories are attacking its content because they want to have TGP banned on Facebook. The site thinks the fact-checker, which already works with the social media giant, has an agenda against them.

TGP isn’t alone. Conservatives across the country, including former President Donald Trump, have accused Facebook of censoring them. The company’s contracted fact-checkers also seem to have a bias against voices on the Right.

Now that Miller has lost the dismissal petition, the case will continue to wind its way through the court for the foreseeable future.

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