Court Blocks Trump’s Census Directive

Court Blocks Trump's Census Directive
  • The Census is used to allocate funds and congressional seats to the states.
  • California, Texas, and New York could have lost at least one seat if this policy went through.
  • The Census is conducted every 10 years. 
  • Every household is required by law to respond.

( – In July, President Donald Trump ordered the Census Bureau not to include illegal immigrants in the count for congressional seats. Shortly afterward, his administration faced eight lawsuits. The result: on September 10, a federal court ruled on the case and blocked the policy.

Trump’s Attempt to Preserve Democracy

When the president issued the order in July, he wanted to make sure illegals weren’t being represented in Congress when they aren’t even supposed to be in the US. In a memo, Trump explained that he was preserving the “integrity of the democratic process” and respecting the law by excluding the aliens.

In a later statement, the president said he issued the memo to reflect a “better understanding of the Constitution.” He went on to say counting illegal immigrants is a way for the far-Left to “erode the rights of Americans.”

The Ruling

A three-judge panel with the Southern District of NY (SDNY) ruled the commander-in-chief could not refuse to count immigrants. The court said that although the president has some discretion when it comes to the Census, it’s limited.

The judges ruled this particular memo “exceeded the authority granted to him by Congress.” As a result, the order is permanently blocked, unless a higher court overturns the verdict.

The president isn’t alone in his thinking. Many Americans wonder why illegals would be included in the count for congressional seats. Why should people who aren’t even supposed to be in this country be represented in our government? Doesn’t that undermine our democracy?

Trump can appeal to have the full court hear the case, but at the moment, it’s not clear whether he will ask for that.

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