Cousin of School Massacre Shooter Arrested for Threatening Repeat Attack

( – Salvador Ramos ripped Uvalde, Texas, apart when he walked into Robb Elementary School in 2022 and opened fire. He killed 19 students and two teachers. Now, his cousin has been arrested for making threats.

On Monday, August 7, the San Antonio Police Department took 17-year-old Nathan James Cruz into custody. The police charged the teen with making threats to a family member and a public place. According to reports, the teen’s mother called the police after her daughter said Cruz told her he was planning “to do the same thing” as Ramos. The mom told the police that she was afraid because “they live near an elementary school.”

The arrest warrant reportedly states the mother heard her son on the phone that morning trying to “acquire an AR-15 through an illegal private sale.” He also threatened to shoot his sister in the head. The sister said she was afraid he would “act on his threat.”

Cruz denied making any threats when the police confronted him.

Sgt. Washington Moscoso told the press that Cruz’s mother was “concerned [about] what her son was going to do.” Both she and her daughter gave the police recorded statements. The sergeant applauded the mother for doing the “right thing,” saying, “God knows what could have happened.”

Uvalde and the greater San Antonio area are still reeling from the shooting that killed so many innocent people in 2022. Recently, the investigation into whether the delay by police contributed to some of those deaths has stalled because authorities are not handing over the necessary files.

Kimberly Mata-Rubio, the mother of 10-year-old Alexandria, one of the fourth graders murdered, announced she is running for mayor of Uvalde. The former journalist told “GMA3” that she believes her campaign will honor her daughter’s legacy and will help her “be the change” she is seeking. She has spent the last year fighting for change at the state and federal level as an outsider; becoming mayor would allow her a bigger platform.

As for Cruz, his lawyer could not be reached for comment.

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