COVID-19 Causes More Travel Disruption

COVID-19 Causes More Travel Disruption

( – The Diamond Princess quickly became infamous for one of the largest early outbreaks of the coronavirus outside of China. It was quarantined at a dock in Yokohama, Japan until the all-clear signal was given for its passengers to go home. This man documented his experience on the cruise ship and what the virus felt like when he was infected.

There are still many cruise ships sailing the seas, looking to come home, but face complications in the wake of COVID-19.

About 30 ships are due to dock in the US this week. In total, roughly 100,000 individuals could land on American shores and 70% of those are passengers. Many of these ships are slated to dock in Florida as it’s prime time to visit the Caribbean.

While preventing them from docking will help contain the virus, that decision bears economic consequences as well. Local economies benefit a great deal from passengers who offload to spend their money at shops and diners.

Currently, the cruise ship industry is estimated to be worth $45 billion.

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