COVID-19: Here’s How the Insurance Industry Is Responding

COVID-19: Here's How the Insurance Industry Is Responding

( – When COVID-19 began spreading across America, it caused the health insurance industry to jump into action. Companies suddenly had to figure out the best way to respond to the pandemic. By most accounts, they did a pretty decent job.

Insurance companies around the country expanded coverage to telemedicine services. This allowed patients to get medical care without going into a hospital or doctor’s office and possibly exposing themselves to the virus. For people in high-risk categories, the services have been especially helpful. Many providers also agreed to cover the cost of coronavirus testing.

On December 22, Congress passed a new COVID-19 relief bill that’ll also end “surprise billing” for people with private insurance.

The pandemic tested American industries across the board. For the most part, they all stepped up and that includes the insurance industry. Hopefully, companies will take the lessons they learned during this time and implement some of the positive changes post-pandemic.

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