COVID-19 Plasma Treatment: What You Need to Know

COVID-19 Plasma Treatment: What You Need to Know
  • More than 180,000 people have died from the coronavirus as of August 27.
  • Scientists are racing to find a cure for COVID-19.
  • President Donald Trump implemented Operation Warp Speed to move research along quickly.
  • The FDA recently approved a new therapeutic treatment. 

( – President Donald Trump has been pushing the country’s top medical researchers to find treatments for COVID-19. Although the actual death rate of the virus is not as high as originally expected, every loss of life is tragic. He wants to prevent Americans from suffering those losses, so he’s really put a lot of emphasis on Operation Warp Speed.

That research paid off big time on August 23.

FDA Makes Announcement

On Sunday, FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn approved an emergency authorization for treating COVID-19 with convalescent plasma.

What does that mean?

Convalescent plasma comes from people who have already survived the coronavirus. They donate their antibody-rich plasma, which is then infused into patients currently fighting the virus. The antibodies are supposed to help boost the immune response of the person suffering from the illness and help them fight off COVID-19.

“Milestone Achievement”

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar called the emergency authorization a “milestone achievement” for Trump and his effort to eradicate the deadly virus. The administration was pushing for the treatment “months ago,” according to the secretary.

The emergency authorization doesn’t mean clinical trials are going to stop; research into the plasma treatment and a fight to find a vaccine will continue. This is just another tool in physicians’ arsenals and if it saves even one life, it’ll be worth it.

President Trump urged Americans to donate their plasma if they’ve recovered from the virus. If you survived COVID-19, you can help save a life by visiting the Red Cross website and signing up to donate. You can also visit The Fight Is In Us and find out how to give your potentially life-saving antibodies.

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