COVID Cases Higher in Europe – Where’s the Media Coverage?

COVID Cases Higher in Europe - Where's the Media Coverage?

( – For months, the media has attacked President Donald Trump over the number of COVID-19 cases in America. They use it as some kind of measurement to gauge how well he’s responding to the highly-infectious disease. Meanwhile, the case count in Europe is ticking up while MSM stays relatively quiet.

According to an October 14 Wall Street Journal report, Europe now has more coronavirus cases than the US. The region reported an average of 78,000 cases per day over 7 days ending on October 12. At the same time, the US had an average of 49,000 cases. Some are trying to paint the rise of cases on “pandemic fatigue,” but others say it has more to do with people needing to pay their bills.

Oddly, the media isn’t lambasting European leaders for the rise in cases. The Left isn’t decrying their ineffective leaders or shouting for our allies to remove them from office the way they have about Trump. It’s almost like the outbreak in Europe isn’t happening at all.

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