COVID: New Yearly Season?

COVID: New Yearly Season?

( – Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has bad news about COVID-19. According to his analysis of worldwide infection trends, the virus could be a seasonal issue until there’s a vaccine. Fauci discussed it during a March 26 update.

Fauci said cases are appearing as countries in the southern hemisphere go into their winter cycles. The doctor explained that if those nations experience a “substantial outbreak,” the US should prepare itself for another cycle.

Currently, experts expect the peak of the infection to hit the US in the coming weeks and months. If the coronavirus can be just as active during the fall and winter months, then America needs to redouble its efforts into finding treatments and cures. If not, we may witness another outbreak for a second time this year.

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  1. We should all join in universal prayer no matter what your religion we are all one with G-d

  2. All the fear and pandemonium is designed to make you comply with whatever pharma wants. Dr. Fauci is part of the problem. He is a deep state operative and has been his entire career. He has no interest in your well being. His only interest is to deliver to pharma (and others) whatever they dictate. He spoke of a “surprise infectious disease” in 2017 while addressing a gathering at Georgetown University. His biggest problem is his big ego and bigger mouth. That is good for everyone opposed to their “plan” because if one listens carefully there is much to learn. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai understands what is really happening. Look him up. He has much to say. Mandatory vaccination is only part of their plan for us. God bless and stay healthy.

  3. President Trump is working so hard for our country and the world. The Democratics just want To destroy Our country and make America a Socialist country. I live alone and have no one to help me. I have a lung and heart problem and not to go outside. Being alone is terrible. My children all live far away. My husbands died. I am so alone.

  4. Whether you are a believer or not but make Islam your way of life and see how near to bless you GOD you will get and benefit by having peace and happiness .
    May Allah You all Ameen

  5. The World Health Organization reports that approximately 56 million babies die from abortion each year worldwide.
    The real “pandemic” most folks won’t talk about.

  6. Our world needs more believers in Christ .His Sacrifice for our sins was the ultimate Gift to all of us . We All need to stay home and stop the spread of this COVID 19 . It is a threat everyone !

  7. This is not right and anyone that knows about biochemistry knows this . This is another way to get us to take the shot without a fight because people want to trust the government . But their waking up and you can’t kill us all . If there’s no population then what’s the plan

    • Look up Dr.Shiva and listen to his interview. You’re right on with your thinking. Another way Big Pharma and Big Government want to control our lives.
      Boost your immune system, no deadly vaccine for me. And God forbid if I should get this or any virus, put me outside in the sun and give me intravenous vitamin C!

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