COVID Stimulus Bill: Who Benefits

COVID Stimulus Bill: Who Benefits

(NewsReady) – The Senate is currently working on a third bill to help Americans amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Some details are changing, but many of the core proposals haven’t gone anywhere. The nearly $2 trillion proposal reportedly contains the following:

  • Up to $2,400 in cash for married couples and an additional $500 per child
  • $4.5 billion for the CDC
  • $350 billion bailout for small businesses
  • $240 billion in health care relief
  • $20 billion health care aid for veterans
  • $20 billion for public transportation relief
  • $75 billion to hospitals
  • $10 billion for airports
  • $500 billion going towards federal relief funds for industries suffering from the virus, to be overseen by an inspector general
  • Additional unemployment insurance providing full pay to laid-off workers for up to 4 months

While these proposals are working their way through Congress, there are concerns that the Left is attempting to use this bill as leverage for their agenda.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he had a “very productive meeting” with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and a handful of others. They spoke to hash out the details of the stimulus bill. Congress is working quickly to pass this bill, though it’s unclear exactly when they’ll finalize it.

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  1. We need to get these insane laws regarding illegals, refugees, and anchor babies CHANGED! I just recently found out if they can’t speak English they can get DISABILITY! Yep, not being able to speak English is considered a disability. No wonder these people live here for 20 years and STILL don’t speak our language… their disability benefits would be cut! This is a slap in the face to EVERY American citizen. We work all our lives and pay into these funds yet many people have to fight for years to get any benefits BUT if you’re an illegal or refugee all you have to say is…”No speakie Inlish” and your all set!

  2. I have been putting into Unemployment all my life, but there’s always been reasons why I could never get any of that money back. This last time, when I finished with the last company, I got back home to work on building a home and trying to get a business going. Got the home built, but failed on getting business going.
    I forget what the reason for no Unemployment money when I got out of the Military in the 1990s. I know President Trump is trying hard to help, but like it’s said about the V.A., you might get help, if you’re an illegal alien.

    The bottom line here is, after all is said and done, we may still be asking, where did the money go! Remember Obama and the huge amount of money that went to “Shovel ready” jobs. Never met or knew of a single person that it helped, or knew what happened to any of that money!!

  3. I hear this and that on wether or not those of us who worked all are lives and are retired and draw ss, or ssi, I wish someone of importance would explain this in plain english,I’ve herd only those who filed tax return in2018, and I herd only those who have a social security number will get the stimulus money Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was ranting and raving that illegal aliens won’t be geting a check what a immature littel girl who thinks that the U.S. tax payers has to take care of The hole world any and all just put it on the Us credit card how stupid!!!, I wish the trump staff would explain it, who is getting the money and who is not,they said who is but left it up in the air abit on who is not geting the $,,,

  4. It’s Not Fare That None Of Us On Social Security Is Not Getting Anything, We Payed Our Part So Now What?????

  5. Only some people in Congress will put in a stimulus bill that is suppose to be for the American public THE ADDED JUNK to try to further THEIR ridiculous ideas and agenda at the cost of Americans. You are PATHETIC.

  6. What are the”essentials “ that have to risk their lives Working in grocery stores and hardware stores etc getting from this?? Our other retail friends and everyone else gets $600 a week extra from unemployment for just staying at home.


    • This bill should go to businesses that really need it, not to some museums that don’t need it or some college. Congress stop wasting money on things that don’t need it.

  8. No it is to supplement working people not people already on the system. If people are being laid off it will help them pay their bills. People on the systole retired are no losing anything

    • Many retired people are barely scraping by…. living on Social Security and getting $600-700 a month yet they’ve paid into the system all their lives. My mom worked from the age of 14 until she retired at 72… she recently passed away at 92… which means she only collected her SS benefits for 20 years but paid into them for 58 years. My dad also worked since he was a kid, (minus his time in the service) and retired at 65 he passed away at 68. That’s a total of 98 years worked between the two of them yet they only collected for 23 years.

      Retired seniors deserve the help just as much as any other citizen!

  9. It’s already passed. Now waiting for Trump’s signature. So now what do you have to say about Democrats?

    • It was about time, they’ve been stalling and stalling it in order to get their way, for their political help, to help what shouldn’t be helped with the Bill, instead of worrying about Americans! I hope everyone will notice that, take it into account, for the future!

    • They had no choice after the video of Pelosi saying straight out she wasn’t going to pass the stimulus for small businesses, then standing infront of her two refrigerators that cost $24,000 each while she bragged about all her goodies and showed her tons of ice cream at $12 a pint…. while hundreds of people were lined up in cars for food.

  10. Typical left wing communist tactics, don’t let a crisis go to waste, Dems, donkeys won’t sign it unless there’s a pork barrel rider on it for tax payer funded abortions. BS. Sign it! And then wake up and smell Republic!!!!!

  11. That’s not what I understand about seniors on social security not getting any money. What I read as long as you filed taxes last year you will receive a payment of $1200 per individual and $2400 for married couples. Hopefully what I read is true. If you have direct deposit set up to get your tax refund you’ll get this money sooner. Hang in there.

    • Social security recipients may or may not get the stimulus, nor the retired folks who get pensions. Of which I am one. Give it to the people who need it.

  12. Could the government lower the rate on all student loans. I am not asking for forgiveness. Just lower the rate so we can start to see the principal owed go down. Under the present system my student loans will out live me. What sense does that make. Should that happen the balance will go unpaid and the government will end up changing it off at the expense of the taxpayer. I should mention I am referring to parent plus loans. Never missed a payment, I am 72 years old and when I die those I took the loans out for are under no obligation to pay as they are not on the notes. I die I stop paying and the loan gets charged off to the rest of my fellow Americans. Makes no sense.

  13. Yes, you’re right Martha!! Same here! My Social Security is soo small when they take out Medicare, I still have to work to!! Plus have to pay for a prescrip drug plan & supplemental, for all the stuff that Medicare does’nt cover!!! By the time I make a house Payment, utility bills & phone, there’s nothing left!!! Us Seniors get “the shaft”, no matter what we do!!! 😡😡😡

  14. Just remember what happened under Obama’s administration, “JUST SIGN THE BILL NOW, AND WE’LL READ IT LATER”. The stimulus pay may take longer to get than expected. I’m just saying……..

  15. I understand that social security recipients are not getting this. I feel that this is unfair. The seniors have worked and paid taxes throughout their lives and get nothing. But some who have never paid taxes will. Not pleased. I still have to work because my SSA is not enough to meet costs

    • SS recipients are supposed to get it… direct deposit… I believe the beginning of May. Just type in “where’s my stimulus check” and it will take you to the IRS site that explains everything.

  16. Where can I find out about this bailout for small business? My small business is failing because of this shut down!!

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