Crack Down on Chinese Officials in US

Crack Down on Chinese Officials in US

( – US officials have been targeting China hard in recent weeks and we saw more of that on Wednesday. The Communist government is under fire for a number of actions, including its response to COVID-19, treatment of ethnic minorities, and now alleged spying activities. As a result, the State Department is forcing Chinese officials out of one American city.

On July 22, the US ordered China to close its consulate in Houston within 3 days. State Department Spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said the Trump administration is taking action in an attempt to protect “American intellectual property and Americans’ private information.”

This prompted a dramatic response. The Chinese Consulate officials reportedly started burning all of the sensitive and classified materials in the building.

As a result of the burn-out, Houston firefighters had to respond to the scene.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has called the Trump administration’s decision an “unprecedented escalation.” The State Department, however, is making it clear its only concern is the American people and what’s best for them.

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