Crucial Research Gets Go-Ahead to Fast Track

Crucial Research Gets Go-Ahead to Fast Track

( – COVID-19 is spreading quickly around the globe. As more fall ill every day, the world’s scientists are racing to find a cure for the deadly disease. One of the ideas to combat the virus is to repurpose previously-existing drugs. To help speed this process along, President Donald Trump announced he’s going to allow medical professionals to fast-track vaccine research.

The antiviral drug Remdesivir and anti-malaria medication Hydroxychloroquine are both being considered to fight COVID-19. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has to approve any drug used on the illness for that specific purpose. That’s why Trump is calling on the agency to streamline regulatory processes. The president also wants the FDA to speed up research and development on a potential vaccine for the virus.

Currently, there are some potential therapies undergoing test runs. The pharmaceutical company, Moderna, started human trials on a vaccine this week. However, it’s still unclear how long it might be until we see a fully-functional vaccine for the novel coronavirus.

Right now, it’s a wait-and-see game, but continuing efforts are in process, and that’s good news for all of us.

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  1. There are so many ignorant comments here i find it pathetic!! Our President is doing all he can to move the process for the betterment of our population!! The opposite party are a bunch of self serving demons. Not only trying ti implement unwanted bills but trying to force socialism into our doctrines. People of the US need to recognize this and Stand behind our President ,whom we are all lucky he is where he is, respect and have grace and gratitude. Put yourself in his place and understand what it is like to be so criticized and scrutinized yet still forge forward with conviction for your country. For those who can’t see that i am sorry for your ignorance’s

  2. When will ordinary Americans wake up and figure out that no politician has their best interest at heart. These people are all elitists and are only worried about their personal well being and the power their office gives them. The only way we will solve the problems is for the American people to unite despite color or religion and work for the common good. They use our prejudice s to divide us and keep us under control. That goes for both political parties.

  3. No one is doing anything for political gain. If they do it will get them next. This Virus started in China and they don”t have anything to do with our politics. This is in GODS hands. I think people need to wake up. Read the bible. This country is falling apart from drugs. Morality is at a high, How long has it been since you have done something nice for someone or even a stranger, This country is a cut throat society. We hear this every day from Democrats and Republican parties. We pay for this garbage that comes out of Nancy Poliski’s mouth. I think she has a mental problem. I have heard a lot of Democrats say this. I am not not for any party. I vote for the one i think can do more for America, after careful research. Study that persons accomplishments and how he has got where he is. Don’t take that person’s word, running for a political office. I know President Trump has a lot of money. He worked from the bottom up for everything he has today. When he first took office he didn’t work well with others, that has changed after the first year. His background was Hands on work. I think he work’s well with anyone who want’s to work for the better of our country. I will not vote for socialism no matter which party wants to control every thing we do. Thank you for the opportunity to remind everyone Look to GOD our creator, Pray to GOD that this virus is taken away. Only GOD has the power to remove it. Mankind can make it but can’t remove it, I love everyone and don’t want to hear of more deaths due to coronavirus or any other virus.

  4. Wake up America. This is a population culling. The government elite doesn’t seem to have any problems taking care of themselves. / Testing themselves every time they turn around, no wonder there aren’t any test available for joe public. They tell us we don’t need testing. Restricting medications for joe public but mysteriously none of them have made it to the hospital. I could go on and on

  5. The sooner we have a government that focuses on the needs of the American people and this country rather than using our resources to waste time and money on personal political gain, the sooner we can feel safe and have a strong, healthy economy!

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