Cruz Blasts “Magic Money Tree” Proposal

Cruz Blasts

( – Democrats are refusing to compromise on the latest COVID-19 relief bill, and millions are suffering as a result. While they won’t work with GOP negotiators, Dems have no problem bringing up absurd proposals they introduced months ago that have no chance of passing. And, one of them really ticked off Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Cruz lashed out at Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) after the Democrat tweeted about a bill he’d introduced. It would give most Americans $2,000 a month (children would also qualify) for the rest of the pandemic.

Senator Cruz responded to the asinine proposal by making fun of the “magic money tree” Dems seem to think exists.

The Texas senator is right: who’s supposed to pay for that? Our country is grappling with the economic fallout of a global pandemic. It seems as though Dems are looking at the situation as an opportunity to implement their wildest Socialist fantasies. Fortunately, with Republicans in charge of the Senate and White House, this nonsense has no chance of passing.

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