Cuomo Cries Foul

Cuomo Cries Foul

( – President Donald Trump’s administration is doing a great deal to help states combat the COVID-19 outbreak. Meanwhile, Congress is currently working on a massive $2 trillion stimulus bill to help all sectors of the economy, including states and workers. Instead of being grateful, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is full of complaints.

In fact, Cuomo believes that the bill is “terrible” for New York.

In Cuomo’s eyes, his state should be receiving more federal aid to help contain the virus and treat patients. What he’s failed to mention here is that New York has received 4,000 additional ventilators from FEMA’s stock. The governor still wasn’t happy about the amount he received and openly demanded more.

“That is a drop in the bucket,” Cuomo said about the $3.8 billion allocated for his state. He wants more — to the tune of $15 billion — to fight the virus. Nothing seems to be enough for the governor, even though New York has gotten federal aid and will be receiving billions of dollars soon.

Congress already struggled to hammer out a deal, they can’t send the bill back to the drawing board to give New York even more money. Americans need help now.

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  1. Andrew Cuomo has played a completely worthless and dangerous game as our Governor. He acts offended by charges that he has been a disgrace for upstate NY. How he gets elected is by the very city that now is the epicenter of the global pandemic in NYS. It makes ALL of NYS look bad.

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