Cuomo Failed NY Residents

Cuomo Failed NY Residents
  • Gov. Cuomo wrongfully blamed President Trump for the decision to send infected patients into senior living facilities.
  • More than 4,500 COVID-19 patients were sent to nursing homes in New York.
  • Cuomo’s order has vanished from the state site.
  • New York was the hardest-hit state in the US.

( – New York is being hammered by the coronavirus. As of May 29, there have been more than 377,600 confirmed cases in the state, including over 29,700 deaths. Senior living facilities were especially vulnerable to the spread of infection and still, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) didn’t take the threat seriously enough and failed residents.

The Order

On March 25, Cuomo required nursing homes to admit patients who tested positive for COVID-19. On May 10, the governor rescinded the order. However, the damage was already done.

Over the course of several weeks, the Associated Press found more than 4,500 people with the coronavirus were sent back to nursing homes. Thousands of residents of the facilities subsequently died from the illness. And, although it’s unclear how many of those deaths were traced to the policy, it’s clear the Democratic governor’s decision put people at risk.

In fact, you can’t even view the original order of the NY Department of Health’s website, because it has been taken down. According to Fox News, the deletion of the order happened around the same time the media started criticizing Cuomo.

Immunity From Lawsuits

If that wasn’t bad enough, Governor Cuomo signed a bill in April granting immunity to the executives of senior living facilities. That means residents and their families can’t sue the nursing homes for damages related to the coronavirus.

Why would he do something like that?

Well, it might be a coincidence, but in 2018, the lobbying firm that represents nursing homes, the Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA), donated $1 million to the New York State Democratic Committee.

Also, three of the associations gave the governor more than $150,000 combined between 2015 and 2018.

Passing Blame

As all of this information is coming out, Cuomo isn’t taking responsibility. Instead, he has blamed President Donald Trump for his incompetence. The president had nothing to do with NY’s bad decisions and everyone knew that senior citizens were among the most vulnerable to COVID-19.

For some reason, Cuomo and his administration didn’t take the threat seriously enough and lives were lost as a result. It was a complete and utter failure from the top.

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