Dan Bongino Banned From YouTube

Dan Bongino Banned From YouTube

(NewsReady.com) – Dan Bongino is a rising star in conservative media. He’s both a Fox News host and popular podcaster, known for his cutting criticisms of Democratic policies and politicians. He’s also a staunch defender of personal liberties, often speaking out against COVID-19 mandates. Now, he’s become the latest victim of Big Tech censorship.

On Wednesday, January 26, YouTube permanently banned Bongino from its platform. The company claims the conservative host tried to circumvent a recent suspension, which he received for having the audacity to question the efficacy of masks. YouTube claimed Bongino violated its COVID-19 misinformation policy and suspended his main channel. While on a timeout, he posted a video to a second account, and that’s when the platform perma-banned him.

Bongino spoke out on Fox News and laughed about the ban. The commentator pointed out he had already announced he was leaving YouTube anyway.

The conservative pundit said YouTube has been looking for a reason to get rid of him because he’s an investor in Rumble, one of the company’s competitors. Bongino said the social media network he invested in actually cares about free speech. He went on to call the platform a disgrace.

It doesn’t look like the ban is bothering Bongino too much.

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