Dana White Video Showing Him Slap Wife Back Could End His Career

Dana White Video Showing Him Slap Wife Back Could End His Career

(NewsReady.com) – Dana White has served as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president for more than 20 years. He’s credited with developing the organization into an incredibly successful business. However, after an incident on New Year’s Eve, some are calling for him to resign from the company.

A video circulating the internet shows White and his wife, Anne, hanging out at a nightclub in Cabo San Lucas. The couple and their party were seated in a VIP area above the dance floor. The video shows the UFC president leaning over and speaking to his wife, and she responded to whatever he said by slapping him in the face. White responded by slapping her across her face, too. That’s when friends of the two jumped up and broke up the fight.

TMZ’s Harvey Levin spoke to Dana White about the incident in a recorded interview. The businessman admitted that he and his wife of 26 years were heavily intoxicated while at the club. Still, he said there was “no excuse” for him to assault his wife. White went on to say he was very embarrassed by the incident and that the couple had apologized to one another.

For her part, Anne told TMZ that her husband’s behavior was “out of character” and nothing comparable had ever happened between the two of them before that night. She said that she would like privacy moving forward.

The explanations weren’t good enough for some people. Former fighter Oscar De La Hoya called the UFC president “a real tough guy” for assaulting his wife.

Twitter users called on the president to resign.

There is also an unconfirmed rumor that Warner Media has pulled the plug on his Power Slap League program on TBS.

Do you think White should resign?

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