“Dances With Wolves” Star Charged With Crimes Involving Minors

(NewsReady.com) – Kevin Costner pitched, produced, directed, and starred in the 1990 hit, “Dances with Wolves.” Filmed in over 30 locations throughout South Dakota and Wyoming, the production employed an army of Native Americans. It called for a herd of 3,500 buffalo, some 300 horses, and required three dozen teepees. Two less-than-cooperative wolves rounded out the four-legged menagerie. Now, nearly 33 years later, one of the Indigenous stars is facing multiple charges of kidnapping, sexual assault, substance trafficking, and lewdness involving minors.

A Las Vegas Grand Jury indicted Nathan Chasing Horse, 46, on 19 criminal counts on Wednesday, February 22. Police had arrested Chasing Horse at his Las Vegas home on January 31. The allegations span two decades and four jurisdictions, including Montana, South Dakota, Nevada, and British Columbia, Canada.

USA Today reported that according to court documents, during the January 31 raid of Chasing Horse’s home, SWAT officers confiscated more than 40 pounds of marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms, firearms, and two cell phones containing photos and videos depicting sexual assaults against underage girls. The FBI has continued forensic testing on the phones.

Chasing Horse presented himself as a healer and medicine man and formed a group called “The Circle,” which had as many as 350 followers at one point. Authorities allege the actor used his position and the group’s influence to groom and abuse indigenous girls. He claimed at least six as wives in a polyamorous marriage at the time of his arrest, according to Las Vegas police.

Las Vegas police have focused a months-long investigation on Chasing Horse. Investigators believe they have established a pattern of crimes as far back as the early 2000s in Nevada, South Dakota, and Montana. Additionally, Chasing Horse faced allegations of human trafficking as far back as 2015. The Sioux leadership of the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana banned him from the tribe and the reservation at that time and worked to gather evidence against him. Canada charged him with a 2018 rape in British Columbia, as well.

Currently, Las Vegas police are maintaining custody of Chasing Horse in lieu of a $300,000 bond. He will return to Clark County District Court on March 1 for arraignment and to enter pleas.

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