“Dangerous Goods” Go Missing From Cargo Ship

(NewsReady.com) – Over the weekend, the US Coast Guard was on alert around Hawaii after hundreds of shipping containers – some carrying dangerous goods – ended up in the sea. Now, the Coasties are warning sailors to look out.

Honolulu’s Star-Advertiser reported a serious overboard incident from the Japanese cargo ship One Apus on December 3. The ship was around 1,800 miles northwest of Hawaii when it ran into high winds and seas. As she rolled heavily in the weather, at least 1,900 of the containers broke loose and fell into the sea. They’re now drifting and spreading out, creating a hazard across a wide swathe of the Pacific.

The ship’s workers say at least 64 of the containers hold dangerous goods, which can be anything from concentrated food ingredients to fireworks or agricultural chemicals. However, the real danger is the containers themselves. At either 20 or 40 feet long and weighing up to 66 tons, the heavy steel boxes are a serious hazard to small boats – and can even damage a larger ship.

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