Deadliest Battle of 2024 So Far as Israeli Soldiers Storm the Khan Younis Hospital

( – Israel is currently pushing forward with its ground war in Gaza. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are trying to eradicate Hamas from the region. One of the battles is shaping up to be the deadliest of 2024.

On January 22, Ashraf Al-Qudra, the spokesman for the Gaza Health Ministry, issued a statement stating that dozens of people were injured or killed in western Khan Younis. Thousands more fled the area. IDF soldiers made their way into the region and began targeting Hamas.

The Palestine Red Crescent Society claimed first responders were having a hard time getting people out of the area because of the bombardment. Dr. Nahud Abu Taima, director of surgery at Al Nasser Hospital, said there was an “acute shortage” of supplies to treat the people who were injured.

Al-Qudra claimed that 100 people suffered injuries and 50 were killed. However, the Gaza Health Ministry does not differentiate between Hamas terrorists and innocent civilians when releasing death tolls.

The Health Ministry accused the IDF of using tanks to fire on the “upper floors of the specialized surgery building.” The officials have repeatedly accused the Israeli military of attacking hospitals during the conflict. Israel has denied intentionally targeting civilian infrastructure.

The news of the latest battle is happening amid a fierce debate over whether Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should allow Palestine to establish a two-state solution. President Joe Biden floated the idea of allowing Palestine to establish a disarmed state. He believes the only way to end the conflict and develop a long-term solution is by allowing the people of Palestine to have their own country.

The prime minister shut the idea down and said that it would create a threat to the existence of Israel. He has been adamant that his country should remain in control of Gaza and the West Bank when the conflict is over.

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