Deadly Shootout Involving UPS Truck

Deadly Shootout Involving UPS Truck

An extremely deadly and dangerous shooting took place on Thursday, Dec. 5, in southern Florida. Two robbers attempted to steal from a jewelry store and hijacked a UPS truck. The UPS truck driver became a hostage during the process.

It was the UPS driver’s first day on the job, though he had worked for the company for years prior.

Police trailed the truck before it got stuck at an intersection during rush hour traffic. Officers surrounded the UPS truck, took cover behind civilian vehicles and opened fire. An estimated 200 rounds were fired into the UPS truck, resulting in the deaths of four people: the two hijackers, UPS driver and an innocent bystander.

UPS released a public statement that expressed sympathy to their employee’s family, friends, and coworkers and their intent to provide the family with assistance and coworkers with counseling.

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