Death Threats Cause Postponement of Trump Art Event

Death Threats Cause Postponement of Trump Art Event

( – For the last decade, the Left has attacked Donald Trump. When he became president, those attacks became more pronounced, and they have not stopped since he left office. Recently, an artist who paints portraits of the 45th president found out how much the Left hates him the hard way.

Lena Ruseva had plans for an art exhibit showcasing 30 portraits of Trump. The NY exhibit, “Trump: Parallel Universe” was supposed to open in NYC last week, but it was postponed. According to the artist, she thought the show would get people talking, but she started receiving threats as soon as she announced it.

Ruseva told reporters that several galleries were worried about the protests and drama her art show would bring. “They are scared of crazy people who hate Trump so much that they are ready to destroy property,” she said.

The paintings show Trump in various settings. Ruseva said the images are “something between a fairy tale story and reality.” In one, the former president is riding a shark with an American flag on his shoulders. In another, he resembles the Great Sphinx of Giza in front of the US Capitol building.

Ruseva has not said when the show will finally take place, but she expects to reschedule it at some point.

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