Defense Contractor Accused of Leaking Secrets

Defense Contractor Accused of Leaking Secrets

( – Every nation is prone to being spied upon and it even happens to America. This time, the Justice Department caught a defense contractor and charged her with leaking military secrets to the Hezbollah, a Shia Islamist political and militant group based in Lebanon. The method of leaking this information: a romantic relationship.

Mariam Taha Thompson, age 61 and a contracted translator working for the US military, hid away a list of secret informants in her residence in Iraq. She was accused of handing the list over to a Lebanese man yet to be identified. Allegedly, he and Thompson had a romantic relationship at the time.

Thompson acknowledged the fact that she handed over classified information to the man, but was unaware that he had connections with the Hezbollah. She stated she believed the man had ties with the Amal political party, but later revealed that she regarded the two groups as one and the same. Hezbollah is considered to be a foreign terrorist organization.

Charges have been filed and if convicted, she’s facing life in prison.

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