Dem Debate Turns Ugly

Dem Debate Turns Ugly

( – Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Joe Biden tore into each other in a fiery Democratic debate last weekend. Most commentators saw the debate as Bernie’s last chance to win over voters, and the Vermont senator took his gloves off pretty quickly.

The main focus of Sanders’ attacks was his claim that Biden has voted to cut Social Security, Medicare and other government benefits. Biden denied the claims, but he has proposed freezing the programs in the past. However, he’s never suggested or supported actual cuts.

That didn’t stop Sanders from urging viewers to go on YouTube and check out attack ads produced by his own supporters.

Despite his frequent gaffes and confusion, Biden is currently winning the primary race. His campaign benefited when other moderates, like Mayor Pete Buttigieg, dropped out.

A number of states, including Florida, will hold their primaries on Tuesday.

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  1. Some Born and raise as American citizens; Do not even-noun why is it and represent Our colors and the sole pledge of allegiance to one flag…”The American Flag.” and many more don’t believe in the true spirit of the–13 letter’s Latin phrase plus it’s 22
    “E pluribus Unum—it out of many, we become one.”
    There a less patriotism and that is….Why! “Them-Dems”

  2. Why is at every democratic debate there is no American flag in back ground and no American flag pins on either person?

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