Dem States Refuse Help

Dem States Refuse Help

( – On June 1, President Donald Trump told governors to get it together and “dominate the streets.” He wants them to use the National Guard to put an end to the riots. Unfortunately, some Democratic governors are refusing help.

Jonathan Hoffman, the Pentagon’s chief spokesman, issued a statement saying 1,600 active-duty troops were sent to Washington, DC from Fort Bragg and Fort Drum. The soldiers are not deployed in the city, however.

Meanwhile, Democratic governors in several states, including New York and Pennsylvania, are refusing Defense Secretary Mark Esper’s requests to send in the National Guard to quell riots.

On Monday, the destruction in NYC was so bad, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) criticized Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) for not getting protesters and rioters under control. The governor, of course, could end the madness if he just accepted the help from President Donald Trump’s administration. But apparently political posturing is far more important.

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  1. Blacks want to defund police so they can get away with more crime they commit. Cop arrested for murder what more do the blacks want. By the way can you still call them blacks? In my 75 yrs they have changed that at least 6 times. And then the dem elitist will say anything to get what they want…think WH. Don’t see colored folk burning and looting in other countries as you do here. Condos to the true Americans who still know how to kick antifa ass.


  2. The governor is trying to fool Trump into thinking he is a changed Left. This d.. khead is rotten. He needs 58 billion to save his worthless Sanctuary State . The gov. Of LA is Taking 200 mil. From the police dept. To give to the Blacks. WTF . The state is in shambles so let’s give Police money away. Why are we broke, it’s the virus it’s the virus. No you stupid Mo… R F…ers it’s your handouts . Stop giving money away, help the police weed out the bad , drop sanctuary status and live as ONE or this State is lost. It looks to me to be unsalvageable but a start would help. Trump2020

  3. Are these Democratic governors Making decisions to refuse National Guard help the will and wishes of their state, OR are they simply posturing politically? Seems it is the latter, and their states and residents are suffering the consequences. What has happened to common sense???

  4. Vote straight Republican ticket 20/20. HELP SAVE AMERICA. Says I have already posted this comment, which I haven’t, proved this is controlled be democrats

  5. Think about this…during budget show downs between the House, Senate and White House when no agreement is reached we send home non essential workers. NON ESSENTIAL! We don’t need them. EVER. Get real jobs… why, maybe go out and create something, and contribute.

  6. It would seem that the Democratic Governors don’t care about anyone but the RIOTERS. They swore to Defend the Constitution of the United States and the PEOPLE they were elected to represent.
    Have you heard anyone ask why George Floyd being arrested?
    Why was he on the ground? Why did it take THREE police officers to try to get him under control? NO!!!
    Why isn’t the Government of these States doing their job?
    It seems that we should change the law to read if you are Black you can do anything. I don’t think so.


  8. They must be able to pay for the damages sustained. They deserve no Federal money. Their CV assistance should be narrowed to precise help to the needs of the virus Only not a penny more. They have no morals and will beg. Just sat no.

  9. This is why we need to vote for every Republican on the ballots. These tax and spend and more taxes and spending idiots are doing nothing but hurting our country for the sake of their party. They have done absolutely nothing for the blacks and Hispanics. It makes you wonder what is next. We saw two years of investigations on a Russian voting influences that proved nothing. Then we had a bogus impeachment that proved nothing. Now we have a world wide pandemic that was made in a lab inChina. We can top it off with a bad cop that murdered a young man. What is next.

  10. Democratic states and cities voted them in so let them deal with it. We need to take care of our own citizens here in Texas. God bless texas and the United FREE states.

  11. The democrat governors are in on the problem. There is no way they want the riots to stop. What they are hoping for is money from us to pay for their intentional errors.

  12. i don’t want my tax dollars spent due to the incompetence of these moronic corrupt, ignorant governors and mayors. i would recommend that the only money that goes out is to the people who suffered damage to their homes and businesses. let the local politicians take care of the rest. maybe the hollywood elite can help out along with pelosi and her band of nut jobs. let these cities become cesspools. maybe people will start relocating to some of the red states. they would be welcomed

    • These Democrat Governors and Mayors support the Downfall of a Free America and Support the Terrorists that are Rioting and Looting. There is Way Going on that People are not seeing. The World Elite and New World Order are Behind ALL of this Chaos in America. People need to Wake up before its too late. George Soros, Joe Biden , Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton are just gew that are part of the group that want to Enslave EVERYONE.

  13. Do not forget that if Biden wins our taxes will go through the roof to support all his bailouts of blue states, new social justice programs which typically enrich those who are overseeing them, unemployment compensation programs for people whose jobs will be lost to China, health care and welfare benefits for illegal immigrants, etc. This election is the most critical one in decades. Republicans must keep the WH and the Senate and retake the House.

  14. I truly hope that the president does invoke the insurrection act. These socialistic govners and mayors of these states and cities won’t be able to say or do anything about troops being posted where ever the president chooses.

  15. These demonic, dumb blue states with
    their psycho governors and mayors are
    NOT real Americans. Hopefully, the
    people will WAKE UP, revolt and vote
    them the hell out!!! Shocking reprobates.

  16. As insane as this looks…. it had to came out into the open. This evil has been lurking behind the scene….now that we see it we can defeat the evil….

  17. The Nazis had their Brown Shirt squads to kill and destroy..The Democrats have their Antifa for the same purpose. I pray daily for America to wake up .

  18. These mayors and governors who will not except help then they deserve what they get nothing. Of course you know they will be begging Trump for money to rebuild. They refuse help then Trump should refuse money. Sanctuary cities have no right asking for money when they gave away 75 million of tax payer monies to the illegals. How stupid some of these people in charge are. They are not working for the people, it is for the power they think they are going to get in November. (Wrong). They will all get their asses booted out into the street and may have to get a job working at McDonalds. and hopefully the 175 thousand dollar checks they get paid will stop. Pelosi will have to live off her 50 million dollars she got from her father who was in the drug cartel. The idea that they can give themselves a pay raise when ever they want will also stop when Trump cleans out the swamp.

    • They know exactly what they do. They are Marxist’s who use anarchists like Antifa and BLM to do their bidding. Have you heard any democrats rather federal state or local politicians denounce what’s going on? Crickets. The silence is deafening. They are controlled by George Soros. Antifa and BLM were founded and funded by this globalist scumbag. Why isn’t he arrested and prosecuted? I can tell you why. He has paid off hundreds of politicians.

  19. Let the Blue states burn. They don’t deserve a thing”.It’s Politics, never miss a opportunity!” to quote Nutty Nancy. Common sense has people buying guns & ammo. Hope they vote Trump 2020 for some law & order too!

    • I agree. Let them fight with each other. If this is their choice, then thy will be done. New Yorker, think again. Good luck and God bless.

  20. They refuse our help until they’re on the verge of collapse, then they demand help! Oh, and then they blame Trump, almost forgot!

  21. If you love rioting, looting, Antifa in charge then vote for Biden and Dems. But you’ll have to stay in place, lose control over your life and property and standard of living, and watch out for government-sponsored/funded Antifa/BLM death squads.

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