Dem Target Military Bases

Dem Target Military Bases

( – There are 10 Army bases named after Confederate leaders in the South. Liberals want to rename them, but President Donald Trump is resisting these moves because he understands how important it is to keep America’s history intact. Now, the Left may have found another way to target the bases.

According to reports, the House’s 2021 appropriations bill for military construction will block funding for the bases named after Confederate leaders. The bill says the only way the military will get money for projects at those installations is if the “process to replace such names has been initiated.”

President Trump has said he will block legislation that forces the renaming of bases.

Is this the most important issue of our time? Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) doesn’t have bigger things to worry about? It seems like just another attempt to divide us and it will only hurt the military in the process.

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