#DemEXIT Could Mean an Easy Win for Trump

#DemEXIT Could Mean an Easy Win for Trump
  • March 10, also known as Super Tuesday II, saw primaries or caucuses in six states.
  • Joe Biden leads the delegate count over Bernie Sanders 890-736 as of March 14.
  • Sanders was expected to win Michigan but lost to Biden, who got 52.9% of the vote.
  • #DemExit, #WriteInBernie and #VoteBlueNoMatterWho were all trending on Twitter last week.

(NewsReady.com) – Reaction to the Democratic primary results on Tuesday, March 10, was expected to be mixed and maybe a little intense. After all, Michigan was on the line between Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Joe Biden, with 124 delegates up for grabs. It would be a big win for either man. Of course, Biden ended up winning Michigan along with five other states that night, giving him a significant lead in delegates.

However, throughout the night Tuesday, Twitter exploded with commentary, hashtags, and outrage. One of those hashtags, which trended all night, showed a glaring weakness and potential fracture emerging in the Democratic party.

#DemExit might be the beginning of the end of the party as we know it.

MSM’s Involvement

Biden was predicted to win most states early on in the night. He also received very positive airtime on liberal mainstream media channels like CNN and MSNBC. Meanwhile, Sanders got a lukewarm reception at best and, usually, negative airtime.

This MSM bias was nothing new for Bernie supporters, but last Tuesday’s coverage was a little different.

In no particular order, here are some key events that led to #DemExit:

  • Andrew Yang, who had been holding off on an endorsement until the DNC nominated someone, suddenly endorsed Joe Biden.
  • James Carville, a Democrat political strategist, called for the primaries to end, saying “Let’s shut this puppy down.”
  • Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC), who previously endorsed Biden, echoed James and, in addition, called for all future debates to be canceled.
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), arguably Sanders’ closest ally in the race, has, to this day, not endorsed anyone. She was called upon by Bernie supporters for an endorsement.

The overarching support for Joe Biden through the night was too much for Sanders supporters. They believe that Biden will ultimately lose to Trump if he becomes the DNC nominee. However, Tuesday was the last straw for some of them after witnessing the blatant bias towards Biden from the DNC and MSM.


At some point during the night, #DemExit blew up with people threatening to leave the party if Biden is nominated.

Some were already leaving, while others were also adding the #WriteInBernie hashtag (regarding the general election) that night and into the next day.

Some Democrats attempted to mend the fracture by adding #VoteBlueNoMatterWho and saying that #DemExit might be a Russian ploy to divide the party.

Where this #DemExit movement goes from here is unclear. It could be a one-off Twitter trend that dies off, or it could be the beginning of the end of the Democratic party. Either way, this isn’t helping the Democrats’ chances of defeating Trump in November.

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  1. We need the Presidential primary to be on one day just like the general election in November. As it is, voters from later states are left out of electing a candidate of choice. Neither of the two left were or are my choice. Possibly by the time my state holds its primary there will only be one candidate left to vote for.

  2. My heaven, the DNC has this crazy fixation on Russian. They are the BIGGEST conspiracy theory nuts around. Hey DNC, maybe it’s China, check it out. Oh no I forgot, China loves the US, Right, that’s why they declared a peoples war against the us, and threaten to withhold our meds produced there.. Try to use another excuse, we’re tried of hearing everything short of weather blamed on Russia. Just admit you and the media screwed Sanders in self defense. End of story.

  3. Delusional Dems and Socialists. You think Bernie even had a chance? Most ppl are not blind sheep following a communist’s regime. Bernie loves Castro and the China regime-him and his followers can go to either of those countries to live out their lives and would never be missed.

  4. I’ll say this…samantha Adams (sure) is a collossal example of how fake news gets a toe-hold. Does Sammy know the inner working of Pres Putin? If so, she should quote her (named) sources…c’mon Sammy…we’re waiting. Didn’t think so.

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