Democrat Joins Call for Investigations Into Chinese Donations

Democrat Joins Call for Investigations Into Chinese Donations

( – Classified materials have been discovered in President Joe Biden’s home and his former office at the Penn Biden Center. There has been bipartisan condemnation of the POTUS over the news. Recently, while discussing the matter, a Democrat agreed there should also be an investigation into donations to the University of Pennsylvania.

On January 23, Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) appeared on Fox News’ “America Reports” to discuss the classified documents debacle. Host John Roberts asked the congressman about reports that there was an increase in the number of donations China reportedly gave to the University of Pennsylvania when Biden was connected to the school.

Khanna said Congress needs to look into the donations. He went on to say lawmakers need to find out the facts, such as whether the donations were coming from individuals or if it was people with “ties to the Chinese Communist Party” contributing. Further, the Democrat wants to know if the funding had anything to do with the Penn Center.

The discussion about Chinese influence came just days after House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) released a statement notifying the American people that he was asking UPenn President M. Elizabeth Magill to hand over information about the donations. The congressman said there is a concern about who might have had access to the documents while they were at the Penn Biden Center. Specifically, he wants to know if China influenced the administration with donations to the university or Penn Center.

Khanna said that he hopes Congress begins to behave in a nonpartisan manner and agree to make reforms, so presidents from both parties are treated the same. He claimed Republicans are making a big deal about investigating Biden, but did not display the same energy when former President Donald Trump was in possession of classified documents. Roberts pointed out the GOP wasn’t in charge then.

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