Democrat Mayor: “There Will Be No Autonomous Zone in Portland”

Democrat Mayor:

( – On December 8, protesters in Portland, Oregon set up an “autonomous zone.” The agitators were trying to take back a house a black family was evicted from, dubbed the “Red House on Mississippi.” But, the Democratic mayor that runs the city is vowing to put an end to the attempt by protesters.

Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) said he was authorizing the police to use “all lawful means” to remove the protesters from the area. The decision came after roughly 200 anti-eviction activists clashed with officers.

The mayor made it clear Portland was not going to become the next Seattle. Over the summer, protesters managed to take over a six-block area of the city and violence was out of control. At least two people died in the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP).

It’s about time a Democrat stood up and did their job. Wheeler is problematic as a whole, but this was the right decision.

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