Democratic Mayors Endorse Trump

Democratic Mayors Endorse Trump

( – When President Donald Trump ran for office in 2016, he promised to pay special attention to workers in the Iron Range. Miners, especially, have seen their job numbers dwindle over the last few decades as the Left pushes for clean energy. Now, Democratic mayors are paying Trump back for his support of their communities.

On August 28, six Democratic mayors in Minnesota signed a letter endorsing Trump for president. The leaders said they’ve “voted for Democrats for decades” only to see their constituents’ jobs leave the country. The mayors accused “politicians like Joe Biden” of doing nothing for the working class in their state.

The mayors then went on to list all of Trump’s accomplishments.

President Trump has proven, through his policies, that he stands behind American workers. Bringing jobs back to the US and supporting miners is why he made decisions like the one to end former President Barack Obama’s coal mining rule. Voters across the country are going to decide whether Trump has kept his promises on November 3, or if they want a globalist like Biden to run the country for another four years.

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