Democrats Oppose Israel Policy Shift

Democrats Oppose Israel Policy Shift

Over 100 House Democrats sent a letter to Secretary of State Pompeo on Nov. 21st. The note challenged the State Department’s change of policy on Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. The letter, written by Rep. Andy Levin (D-MI) urged the administration to “reverse this policy decision immediately.”

Levin said he has recently visited Israel and the West Bank and believes that a two-state solution is within reach. Then, on Nov. 18th, Secretary Pompeo announced that the US would drop its long-held position that Israel’s settlements on captured land are a violation of international law. Pompeo says that opposition to settlements in the region has done nothing to contribute to peace in the region.

Levin — who is Jewish himself — says the policy change discredits the US as an honest broker and is bad for the security of the US, Palestine, and Israel itself.

The US move has been criticized by the UN Security Council and received a non-committal response from the European Union. However, it was warmly welcomed in Israel.

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