Democrats’ Reliance on Easily Disqualified Mail Could Cost Them Election

Democrats' Reliance on Easily Disqualified Mail Could Cost Them Election

( – In 2018, the Miami Herald published a report about an ACLU study that found mail-in ballots in Florida were rejected at 10 times the rate compared to in-person ballots. The push for this voting alternative in the lead-up to the 2020 election is now concerning some on the Left. Could it cost them?

President Donald Trump and Republicans have spent months warning people about the dangers of mail-in voting. Instead of heading their warnings, the Democratic Party continued pushing it as a safe way to vote.

It seems the Left never took into consideration all of the reasons officials could disqualify the ballots. For example, if someone’s signature is different from one on file or if the ballot comes in after election day, it’s rejected. All of those rules are in place to prevent fraud.

When you vote in-person, on the other hand, your ballot is almost guaranteed to count. That’s because poll workers are able to verify a voter’s identity at the precinct before they cast their ballot.

The 2020 election is widely expected to be decided by a razor-thin margin, and it’s starting to look like the Left’s mail-in voting scheme may backfire.

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