Democrats Stuff Infrastructure Bill With Insane New “Jobs”

Democrats Stuff Infrastructure Bill With Insane New

( – Congressional Democrats are moving forward with plans to try to pass a massive spending bill through reconciliation. Right now, they’re trying to decide what they’re going to include in the plan. They recently unveiled a plan to include one of the most important priorities for Progressives.

On Tuesday, July 20, more than 80 Democrats laid out a plan to create a climate jobs program called the Civilian Climate Corps. That is a policy that the Department of the Interior and Agriculture would organize in an effort to create jobs for Americans who want to combat the so-called climate crisis. The workers would be tasked with conserving and restoring public lands and waterways, increasing reforestation, protecting ecosystems, and addressing other issues allegedly impacting climate.

President Joe Biden supports the measure, which is modeled after the Green New Deal.

The Democratic plan is expected to cost more than $3 trillion. Leftist lawmakers still want to pass it despite working with Republicans to create an actual infrastructure bill. What was the point of the smaller bill if they were just going to try to push a larger one through with things like the Civilian Climate Corps in it? It seems as though they only wanted it to appear they were trying to keep Biden’s promise of crossing the aisle.

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