Democrats Uncertain About Older Candidates

Democrats Uncertain About Older Candidates

According to a new poll, Democratic primary voters are a little leery of the age of leading candidates. The poll, conducted by POLITICO and Morning Consult, revealed several additional and interesting insights.

Regarding the role of age in the White House:

  • 52% believed it’s at least somewhat important that the DNC presidential nominee be under 70 years old
  • 49% think there should be an age limit for presidents
  • The above criteria would disqualify the top three DNC candidates: Biden, Sanders and Warren

Other notable findings from the new poll:

  • 50% of Democrats want a moderate candidate to take on President Trump, while 46% want one that identifies as a liberal
  • Around 75% support “Medicare for All”
  • 51% believe that having decades of political experience is at least somewhat important
  • Only 26% of Democrats think that being a Christian is at least somewhat important

These concerns seem to be justified given Biden’s unofficial intentions to only serve one term in the White House if he’s elected president. Whether or not voters will act primarily on their preferred candidate’s age above all else remains to be seen later in 2020.

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