Democrats Unveil Plan That Would Hurt US Labor Market

Dems Plan to Allow International Workers to Permanently Join US Labor Market at the Worst Time Possible

( – With millions of American workers either unemployed or gripped by job insecurity thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, Democrat lawmakers are planning to stab them in the back. A group of House left-wingers want to make it even easier for immigrants to take their jobs.

Right now, an estimated 24.5 million Americans are either unemployed or only working short hours. There’s no shortage of workers in this country; what’s lacking is jobs. Nevertheless, a group led by Representative Joaquin Castro (D-TX) has introduced the Seasonal Workers Solidarity Act, a bill that would transition temporary work visas into permanent residency status and a pathway to citizenship.

If Castro’s bill becomes law, foreign workers on an H-2B visa who have worked for 18 months or more can stay in the US when their visa expires and permanently join the labor force. After they’ve been here for three years, they’d be eligible to apply for green cards for their relatives, who could then come here to work, too.

Large businesses have used the H-2B visa program to ship in cheap foreign labor to replace American workers. Immigrant workers in the meatpacking industry get paid 23% less than Americans. Why are Democrats trying to price US workers out of the labor market when so many are already unemployed?

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