Dems Cut Out GOP

Dems Cut Out GOP

( – Last week, Democrats attempted to forcibly tack on additional spending onto an interim COVID-19 stimulus bill during a Senate meeting. That resulted in a stalemate and the inability to pass another bill to help small businesses get the help they need. Dems are taking advantage of the current situation because it only takes a single lawmaker to hold up a proposed bill during these pro forma sessions.

It seems like this trend will continue until at least May 4 as Congress continues its recess.

Top Democrats are now trying to sidestep Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) are circumventing him, talking directly to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to try and work out a deal.

Funding for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which loans to small businesses, could expire on Thursday while unemployment claims could continue to rise in the near future. President Donald Trump may be interested in a deal to renew this program.

If renewed funding doesn’t come through this week, then the PPP may have to wait until the second week of May for additional loan activity.

By leaving McConnell out of the process, Democrats are attempting to circumvent the processes of democracy they champion so much. They know that the Senate majority leader wants to pass a bill to help small businesses. He just doesn’t want Pelosi and Schumer to stuff the bill with pork. The duo is attempting to have their cake, and eat it too, by trying to leave the Senate leader out of the loop.

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  1. American citizens how we can vote Nancy Pelosi out from the Congress including her gangs? She is old is time for retirement.

  2. They keep saying trump is not above the law if you look at the record of democrats they are above the law just look at congress the squard 4 of the worse women ever the to be in congress all of their brains together couldn’t generate enough power to run a 5 watt bulb
    If trump doesn’t get re-elected America will be lost

  3. Nancy Lugosi and buck u Schumer
    and Whorelery Rotten Clinton
    And Elizabeth Whorren and the squad are the scum of the earth
    Corrupt and evil to their souls or lack there if
    Move to Venezuela

  4. Did I just watch Nancy Pilosi DENY she was telling the people of Chinatown in SF to enjoy their up coming festivals, and ignore the hype in February, After Wallace PLAYED THE VIDEO OF HER DOING JUST THAT?

    • Yes you did. Imagine that the eighty year old shrill can’t even tell the truth when it’s right in her face. Just goes to show how stupid she thinks the American people are. Vote her out.

  5. Typical Demorats. They don’t care about the American people. They only care about themselves and their own agenda. This country would be in much better shape if they weren’t in charge. Get all of them idiots out of office next election. This country would be in worse shape of a stupid Democrat were in office.

    • The Demorats have been bought out buy the communists is the reason they don’t care about this country. CNN and MSNBC feed you with propaganda and CBS,NBC, & ABC withhold information they don’t want you to hear. Sounds like communist journalism to me. I’m just hoping that the everyday Democrat can see through the propaganda and just use some common since and vote Republican. The swamp needs cleaned out starting with this election come November. Go Trump, and keep America strong and Great.

    • In the 1st round of these bills Pelosi’s Bill was about 1400 pages long. The final one which still had unrelated items in it was 880 pages long. The only specific I can remember was $ for Planned Parenthood/abortion’s. What does that have to do with helping people deal with Corona virus? Look it up online. The bill was available and should still be

    • Get those bills, all bills, out on cable so the American taxpayer can see where our money is going and who is responsible for the waste and perks. Everyone of those Democratic leaders are millionaires and we have been slow to find out how they got their money. Pelosi showing off her high tech refrigerator with her obscene supply of top of the line ice cream was in your face to the American people in times of trouble and shows just how clueless she is.

  6. The democrat party is the party of parasites and they only care about buying votes from all the millions of worthless parasites they have created.

    • If the POTUS and Mr Mnuchin allow the Democrats to circumvent McConnells clean bill for any reason they are Stupid. I keep hearing “We are close to an agreement”, and if it is not a clean bill, Trump and Mnuchin have opened the gates to HELL.

      Personally I do not think any legislation or appropriation should be flooded with earmark or anything that does not involve the subject at hand. As it stands now legislation and Appropriations are so full of Crap no one really knows whats in it, and that is exactly what the wicked witch of the west “PELOSI” acknowledged when she stated: “Lets Pass the Bill so We can Read whats in it”. MEANING: Not a single member of Congress, those in the House of Representatives, nor the Senate know what they are voting on and this is POLITICS AS USUAL.

  7. Ray need a spelling and a grammar lesson, maybe then he would be able to make an intelligent comment, that made sense

  8. All they care about is themselves and their liberal policies, i.e. Nancy Pelosi in front of her refrigerator full of ice cream, money for the Kennedy center, etc. Hopefully they will all be out on the street after November’s elections

  9. They shouod leave the Russian McConnel Squad out they are Evil liers theybprotected evil Trump even though the Evidencecwas there

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