Dems Double Down on Legal Warfare

Dems Double Down on Legal Warfare

( – Apparently unfazed by the collapse of their attempt to impeach President Trump, some Democrats are already eager to launch more investigations into the president and other senior administration figures. Rep Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) are just two of those who’ve called for an investigation into Attorney General Barr and his recent intervention in the Roger Stone case.

Some Democrats are wary of getting tied up in another legal process that could paint them as trying to overturn the result of the 2016 election instead of simply waiting for 2020. Pelosi watered down her calls for a probe into Barr by saying Dems weren’t going to spend time “going after every lie that the administration henchmen make.” She also claimed she wanted to work together with the administration on lowering the cost of prescription drugs.

Republicans blasted the idea of more legal warfare against the administration, calling for a return to proper government:

Meanwhile, President Trump continues to run the country undeterred.

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