Dems Fail to Engage Large Block of Voters

Dems Fail to Engage Large Block of Voters
  • Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris to be his running mate for the White House. 
  • Harris, a former attorney general, has faced backlash for her prosecutorial record.
  • 24 million generation Z voters could cast ballots in the November election.
  • Young people are not enthusiastic about Biden.

( – We don’t know a whole lot about Generation Z voters because many of them aren’t even old enough to vote yet. However, the Pew Research Center says they’re a diverse, pro-government generation and, politically speaking, they really behave like millennials. It seems like that would make them a great pool of voters for the Democratic Party, but that isn’t what’s happening.

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is having some trouble convincing these young Americans that he’s the politician for them.

Gen Z Isn’t Feeling Sleepy Joe

According to a report from The Hill, younger Americans don’t believe the Democratic party is necessarily their party. Naina Agrawal-Hardin, age 17, said many people her age think the government is putting the needs of corporations “above the well-being of people.” And the Left isn’t turning out to be the ally they’d hoped for.

Twenty-two percent of Gen Z voters indicated they would be voting for Donald Trump in November. In a NextGen poll, 56% of young voters disagreed with a statement saying the more they learn about Biden, the more they like him. In a CNN exit poll of the California primary, only 6% of voters under 30 years old chose the former vice president.

What Does That All Mean for Biden?

By all indications, the 2020 election is going to be a tight race. If Joe Biden can’t drum up enthusiasm among these voters, Trump could sail to victory. Picking Kamala Harris, someone who isn’t popular because of her prosecutorial record, wasn’t the best idea if the former vice president wants more Generation Z voters.

More than that though, these voters are our future. And right now, they’re proving they care little about party affiliation and more about issues. That means if the GOP plays its cards right, they could lock them down. Maybe not now, but it’s definitely something to consider in the future. It might mean compromising on some issues, but moving these voters to the Right could solidify the Republican Party’s power for decades.

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