Dems “Want Chaos” Says RNC Chair


( – The chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) says the Democrats are deliberately trying to devolve November’s general election to chaos. Ronna McDaniel shared her thoughts on Attorney General William Barr’s recent appearance on FOX.

McDaniel was backing Barr’s warning that the Democrats risk causing uncertainty about the outcome of the election by trying to push through changes to the voting system. These changes are being proposed under cover of the coronavirus pandemic. With politics being so polarized right now, that could lead to serious problems.

There are already serious concerns about the way Democrats are pushing for a massive expansion of postal ballots. California is already finding huge numbers of errors during the March primaries.

McDaniel told Fox News, “This is all coming from the Democrats. The president is saying, ‘Keep the systems in place that have worked.’” She warned that the electoral system isn’t set up to handle the volume of mail-in ballots the Democrats want, and raised concerns about what would happen if it took months to find out the results of the election.

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