DeSantis Set to Sign Controversial Ban

DeSantis Set to Sign Controversial Ban

( – On December 1, the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) heard arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization over whether a 15-week abortion ban in Mississippi is unconstitutional. During oral arguments, the six conservative justices on the court seemed open to upholding the law. Florida could now become the next state to implement a 15-week ban in anticipation of a favorable decision.

On Thursday, March 3, the Florida Senate passed HB 5, the Reducing Fetal and Infant Mortality Bill. The legislation passed 23-15, along party lines. Governor Ron DeSantis (R) spoke to reporters the next day during an event in Jacksonville. He said the law is a protection “for babies that have heartbeats,” and pointed out how “very, very late” that is in pregnancy – 15 weeks is almost 4 months into the term. DeSantis told the reporters he didn’t think there would be a problem signing the bill into law as soon as possible.

Annie Filkowski, with the Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, called the passage of the bill a “somber moment,” claiming the group is mourning “reproductive rights in Florida.” Senator Gary Farmer (D) told reporters the abortion law wouldn’t actually reduce abortions, it would only make them more dangerous. The state senator didn’t provide any proof to support that claim.

The SCOTUS will issue a ruling about the 15-week abortion bans sometime in the spring or early summer.

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