Dick Van Dyke in Car Crash

Dick Van Dyke in Devastating Car Crash

(NewsReady.com) – Dick Van Dyke is one of the oldest living Hollywood stars. The 97-year-old has been an entertainer since 1947, nearly 80 years. Recently, he was involved in a car accident in Los Angeles.

On March 22, LA police confirmed Van Dyke was involved in a car accident the week before. He was reportedly driving in the rain when his vehicle slid off of the roadway and hit a gate. He allegedly suffered injuries to his mouth and nose, and he possibly suffered a concussion. A law enforcement spokesperson told the LA Times he suffered “moderate injuries to the face area.” The actor was not transported to the hospital by ambulance. The crash is not believed to have been caused by drugs or alcohol.

TMZ reported that the police department filed a request with the California Department of Motor Vehicles to require the actor to take his driving test again. But a law enforcement spokesperson told the Times that he had no information about such a request being submitted.

Van Dyke has lived a long and interesting life. The incident wasn’t the first time he has been involved in an accident of some sort. In 2013, his Jaguar XJ caught on fire and was destroyed. USA Today reported at the time that the blaze started with a little bit of smoke, so he pulled over and called AAA. As he was gathering his belongings, the fire worsened. People passing by got the actor out of his car and called for help.

One time, van Dyke fell asleep on his surfboard when he claimed he drifted far away from land. In 2010, he told Craig Ferguson he started to see fins while he was out there and thought they were sharks. Fortunately, the fins ended up belonging to dolphins that pushed him to shore.

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