Did China Use Air Travel For Biowarfare?

Did China Use Air Travel For Biowarfare?

(NewsReady.com) – A senior White House adviser believes China used airline passengers to “seed” the Wuhan coronavirus around the world in the early stages of the pandemic. Trade adviser Peter Navarro harshly condemned the Chinese communist regime for its secrecy and lies. However, he stopped short of saying they did it deliberately.

During an interview with ABC’s “This Week,” Navarro said China used the much-criticized World Health Organization (WHO) as a shield while it hid the extent and severity of the coronavirus epidemic. He believes this allowed hundreds of thousands of potentially-infected passengers to fly around the world, while at the same time sealing Wuhan off from internal travel.

“They could have kept it in Wuhan,” Navarro said, “But instead, it became a pandemic.”

A leaked report from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) says China deliberately covered up the scale of the pandemic. The reason? To give the country time to hoard stockpiles of protective equipment (PPE) before the rest of the world needed it. That backs up the president’s adviser.

One thing’s certain, the world needs answers and the Chinese should be held accountable.

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  1. Please! CUT OFF from Chinese Communist Rightnow.
    BURY THEM before They Bury US!
    Support TAIWAN. Buy Taiwanese products!ITS is better 100% than chinese communist products!
    VOTE for President Trump and Republican Party on November!

  2. The standard of spelling on here is terrible. You bloggers should learn that a well scripted, correctly spelt blog will get your message across much, much better.
    Our means..our…not..are.
    You’re means you are…not your…
    The list goes on.

    • I agree somewhat, some people aren’t the best spellers (me included) but I think it’s important for them to express their views so hopefully some people will listen to the content of their thoughts instead of tearing apart their spelling abilities. Hopefully these people will vote in the November election regardless of their spelling abilities, and hopefully they will not vote for Biden!

  3. Stop buying any goods from China and company’s in America that support them if they don’t make it here there just as bad and shame on the greedy people who ship are jobs over sees like all the greedY shark tank people like Mark Cuban telling Entrepreneurs to move there business to China to make it cheeped so they can make more money and screw Americans out of jobs shame on them all

    • Are you serious?…doesn’t work that way…we have no choice but to trade with China. The goal is to out trade them., besides I’m not sure your aware of how much of are debt they own

    • Any American Companies that have moved to China should move back to the U.S. It’s all about the money and they have sold out our Country. I say cut them off, when this virus is contained who knows when they will do it again (I think all this was done on purpose and I agree with Navarro, they sent their sick, virus people out to travel around the world to bring us to our knees. Believe me, there is nothing they would like more than to destroy the U.S. they have no problem eliminating us and our trade so why should be not be able to live without their trade? We can do anything, I have the utmost confidence in our Country, now if we can get rid of the Left Wing Democrats that’s a big part of our problems.

  4. We agree it came from China, but what Americans don’t understand, is that Communist China owns a large part of America. About 90,000+ Americans work for China in the U.S. hotels, office buildings , and eight major industries. This advancement came in Obama’s term from 2012-2016, but really started with the Clintons in 1996-1998 I think, China made a grab for Chicago’s Stock Exchange about 2016. The Democrat Communists have had the game plan for quite some time, selling out America, even to the point of 145,000 acres of farmland. One industry includes Smithfield Meat Packing and a deal with processing Tyson chickens. In 2013, Hillary Clinton was a big participant in WHO, which appears to come to culmination with the COVID 19 virus. This strategy is to get America to bend to China.


  6. It’s as simple as this … “”””China”””” was getting it’s ass kicked Economically by “Trump” via the USA bringing all the Companies back to the US and developing more stuff needed by “Us” Oil, Gas, Auto Industry, Stopping the Amounts of Foreign Aid etc. etc. ……. Soooooo, “”””China”””” had to put a stop to it somehow and a Military War would be disastrous to Both Countries, especially China because The USA would wipe them Off the Map and they know it!!!!! China may have the People but the USA has the “””Fire Power,”””……..Period!!!!!!!!!

    • This is abt the Dumbest Statement made her. A Nuclear War between The USA & Any other Powerfull Country (CHINA, RUSSUA) would Devastate the WORLD. This is Not Japan in the 40s when The USA was the Leading Power!!
      Man,. the Dumb Shit that come from the Mouths of Dumb Shits is almost Laughable.

  7. you should also not that Israel fwel thousands of flights out of wuhan to the US after we stoped flying and that ALL the first cases came in through sanctuary cities just like they planned.

  8. There is no doubt China used this virus, combined with other viruses to make it more powerful and bring the world to it’s knees.
    It was a warning sign to the world that China is taking the world power domination ambition away from Russia. America and liberal president plus one president who didn’t know if he was liberal or not has stood by and watched the takeover of the China seas. The expansion and seizure of mineral and ore from Africa and allowed large investments and control of products and monetary institutions in America and a huge student and professional population in our colleges and Universities enabling intellectual theft of our secrets and inventions.. .

  9. yes,i too believe they did,and we should all buy american,we should stop all trading with china,everything should be made here and over seas?

    • Please, recheck how many American companies are now owned by Communist China, then you’ll understand the Communist Democrats game.

    • …more dumb Shit.
      USA is mostly a Consumer Nation meaning,. We rely on Trade to get a Lot of Goods, Services, Medicines & other Consumer Products from other countries. This is the Nature of a CAPITALIST SOCIETY.

  10. It is my contention that many thousands of these Chinese immigrants coming to the USA are funded by their home government. Many of them move into middle class neighborhoods and acquire expensive real estate property otherwise beyond the means of average native citizens while at the same time acquiring holdings in food distribution and manufacturing concerns. They also acquire a certain legitimacy by seeking employment with state and city networks such as hospitals, police and managerial jobs in corporate systems. Just observations since I live among large numbers of them. One doesn’t have to drink a bottle of milk to know that its milk.

  11. China certainly did unleash this bio weapon, whether it was in retaliation for Trump not bending America over the table on the trade deal like all other Presidents did in the past since George Bush Sr. Or perhaps a live test for an even more sinister plan in case war broke out. Advice for Americans……don’t buy the cheap Communist Chinese junk! Buy American, buy Taiwan, buy from allies and free Countries but not from China. Why would you patronize them and send your money to them when they laugh at you and hate all that you are and stand for? Don’t play the fool for them, they are laughing at you. The job and economy you save eventually will be your own.

    • I bought two items from china off eBay for 40 Dollars each both the same item nether item worked I returned both of them with the promos that I was to get my money back on there Money back Guarantee the thieves layers and Scammers. and so did eBay break there Promos .

  12. china did intentionally spread the convid 19 thru air travel,so that the world
    will buy more of their medical product and vaccine.

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