Did Congress Leak Classified Info?

Did Congress Leak Classified Info?

(NewsReady.com) – On Friday, August 28, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) informed the Senate and House intelligence committees it won’t provide in-person briefings about election security issues any longer. Instead, Congress will receive written memos on the issue. Democratic lawmakers issued a statement accusing Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, of a “shocking abdication” of his duties, but now he’s fighting back.

Ratcliffe spoke to Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” about the decision. He said Congress leaked “classified information for political purposes” after a July 31 briefing. The director explained members of Congress did it in order to push a narrative that Russia is a bigger threat than China, which “simply isn’t true.”

This isn’t the first time lawmakers have been accused of leaking classified information. Earlier this year, President Donald Trump accused Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) of leaking info in order to hurt then-presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). In 2018, the commander-in-chief even threatened to investigate Democratic leakers.

At what point do lawmakers on the Left have to start paying for their leaks? Even though Ratcliffe won’t be briefing Congress members in-person, they will still get paper briefings. Nothing is stopping them from spilling the beans after they read the documents… unless people who leak classified material are arrested and charged. Maybe then they’ll think twice.

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