Did Robert Kennedy Run Because Steve Bannon Said So?

Did Robert Kennedy Run Because Steve Bannon Said So?

(NewsReady.com) – President Joe Biden could face a new challenger in next year’s presidential election — Robert F Kennedy, Jr.  Although he’s a Democrat, Kennedy is closer to many Conservatives on his opinion of vaccines. He’s also a strong critic of corporate influence in government, and his campaign is likely to be an unpleasant experience for the Democratic Party. Did former Trump adviser Steve Bannon encourage him to run so the former president can benefit from the disruption he causes?

On April 5, Kennedy, the son of assassinated New York Senator Robert Francis Kennedy, filed the paperwork for a 2024 presidential run. In March, he’d signaled on Twitter that he was considering it, saying he would “jump in the race” if he could attract enough support and funding. Now it’s rumored that he could have found some support from an unlikely source — Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist and long-time Trump ally.

According to Robert Costa of CBS News, Bannon has been encouraging Kennedy to run for months. Allegedly, Bannon thinks he could be “a useful chaos agent” to disrupt the race for the Democrat nomination.

Although his party has been solidly behind vaccinations, Kennedy is a rare dissident. He’s publicly opposed mandates, arguing that the inoculation passports strip away rights and replace them with privileges that can be withdrawn by the government. He’s also claimed that they are linked to the rise in autism.

So far, only two Democrats have declared as candidates for next year’s election — Kennedy and charity worker and author Marianne Williamson. Neither is a big name with a realistic chance of beating President Biden if he decides to run again, but Kennedy has the potential to focus a lot of attention on things Biden would sooner not talk about. If Bannon really is behind his bid, the strategist could have given the GOP a big boost.

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