Did the Frontrunner Just Stumble?

Did the Frontrunner Just Stumble?
  • Bernie raises eyebrows with “60 Minutes” interview.
  • The draw of a “free stuff” campaign.
  • Socialist math must work differently.
  • The middle class will take a hit.

(NewsReady.com) – Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) is the current favorite to win the Democratic Party nomination to run for the White House against the current occupant President Donald Trump. If one listens to some pundits, he’s almost reached “presumptive nominee” status. But sometimes the answer to an interviewer’s question can trip people up. Or, as in this case, the inability to answer it.

Socialist/Communist Platform

The senator is a self-avowed socialist, and that isn’t a new point of view. Some 30-years ago, Sanders and his new bride Jane did what most newlyweds do, they took a honeymoon. What most people didn’t do back then was to take a trip to the Soviet Union. It was the height of the Cold War and most Americans would have shied away from that destination.

During this trip, he praised the communist regime’s approach to things, including their healthcare system. Now, he’s come out singing the praise of Fidel Castro, the deceased totalitarian dictator of Cuba. This has left even members of his own party like Rep. Donna Shalala (D-FL) cringing:

Now the senator is running on a platform of socialism and the promise of “free stuff!” His ideas include his “Medicare-for-All” program, government-funded attendance at all public colleges and universities, and a myriad of other expensive projects.

When Free Isn’t Free

Sanders, as presidential candidates are wont to do, appeared on CBS’ “60 Minutes.” During the course of the interview, the question came up as to how much all this would cost. He admitted that the healthcare program carried a price tag of $30 billion, however when pressed if he knew what the grand total would be, he replied: “no, I don’t.” Many economists put the number at around $60 trillion.

The math certainly does not work in Sanders’ favor. To put this in perspective, the proposed 2021 fiscal year budget is a record $4.829 trillion. Since the figures for the Sanders slate of wants and wishes are for a 10-year period that makes $6 trillion per year. More than doubling government expenditures. Oh, and his proposed tax on “the high end” would bring in an estimated $2.7 trillion yearly. Wonder where that extra money will come from?

Whether or not this will prove to be a fatal misstep on his road to the presidency will have to wait until the Super Tuesday primaries. However, given that the younger age brackets of potential voters are very frustrated with the status quo, and that the Progressive Liberal dominated education system hasn’t really taught them that this kind of government has failed everywhere it’s been tried, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it actually give him a boost.

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