Diocese Says NO To Gender Identity Politics in Its Jurisdiction

Diocese Says NO To Gender Identity Politics in Its Jurisdiction

(NewsReady.com) – Issues surrounding gender identity are currently hot topics in America. Those who identify as a gender that doesn’t match their biological sex frequently make the headlines and provoke numerous discussions. The Catholic Diocese of Des Moines has now taken a firm position on the matter.

On January 16, the diocese released its new policy that went into effect immediately. The new guidelines are for parishioners, students, and staff. Anne Marie Cox, the Diocese of Des Moines’ director of communications, told the Catholic News Agency they are “committed to upholding Catholic social teaching” that respects every person who was “created in the image of God.”

Seven changes were included in the announcement.

  1. Everyone is required to use the pronouns that match a person’s biological sex in everything related to ministry activities, including speeches and writing
  2. All persons must use the locker rooms and bathrooms that match their biological sex
  3. Nobody is allowed to wear clothes that do not conform to society’s idea of what their biological sex should wear
  4. Anyone who wants to participate in a sport or extra-curricular activity must join the one that matches their biological sex
  5. Those who wish to participate in single-sex schools, retreats, and camps much only attend the ones that match their biological sex
  6. Any medication that could help a person who is trying to undergo gender reassignment is prohibited
  7. When a person expresses confusion about their sex or gender, those involved with the church are required to find resources and guide them in a way to conforms to the diocese’s teachings

According to the policy issued by the diocese, the church believes that encouraging the use of preferred pronouns “confuses or denies personal integrity.” A spokesperson for the Diocese of Des Moines spoke to Insider and said a task force that Bishop William Joensen created came up with the new policy after “study, prayer, listening, and consultation.” It took two years for them to put the policies together, but claimed it “begins with love.”

The new gender policy will impact 80 parishes and 17 schools.

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